The Constant Waste Stream and Plastic Packaging Chain of the Beauty Supply Industry - Waste Management Begins with You by Deborah Tosline

There are many reasons why I “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) skin care products: I strive to reduce my exposure to synthetic chemicals and the uncertainty of skincare products, have a preference for high quality ingredients, like to reduce costs and not the least of which I try to reduce the waste that I personally generate on a daily basis.

Inflammation, Disease and Skin by Deborah Tosline

Acute, short term, inflammation protects the body. When inflammation is chronic it is considered to be the “root of most diseases”.

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New Year – New You, DIY Your 2019 Desires with Holistic Health and Skincare by Deborah Tosline

Hello! Here we are at the end of 2018 with the fresh New Year only minutes away! Once again, I summarize some of my favorite routines, tools and techniques for healthy skin because they continue to be effective! Its time to ditch some “products” and treatments, save some hard earned bank, reduce waste, promote personal health and reduce synthetic chemical exposure by avoiding processed foods and material goods that are easily replaced with whole natural products straight from the Earth. No doubt, some pre-made stuff is worth buying but rampant consumerism is a burden and appears to be hazardous to the planet and us all.

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Under the Skin – Mesotherapy and Dermarolling Techniques with Concentrated Serums - Challenging Times Call for Advanced Treatments by Deborah Tosline

Is it possible to radically improve skin vibrancy using Mesotherapy techniques combined with concentrated skin care serums? I think so, don’t know yet and am excited to find out. Here’s why.