Sugar… So Good, So Bad – Glucose, Aging and Skin Glycation by Deborah Tosline

Skin glycation causes lasting damage. No cream will protect your skin from glycation like a few new habits will. Prevent it, reduce it, and keep your skin healthy (=beautiful). If you have eschewed a healthy lifestyle but you want beautiful skin throughout your life, skin glycation may be your new incentive.

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Body Function - Choose to Lose, Maintain, or Gain Health = Beauty by Deborah Tosline

Sometimes I practice guitar. Recently, I tried to play a riff and it hurt my finger so bad I could feel my forehead muscle frown and the little wrinkle between my brows deepen. I relaxed my forehead (will use Sanford Bennett’s wrinkle rubout later) and told my finger not to worry, it will only hurt a little before it gets stronger. Just like self-care.