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Deborah Tosline, 5/23/15

Do you have hyperpigmentation; puffy, sagging, dull skin; fine lines?

Have you heard of do-it-yourself (DIY) skin care that can remodel your skin, promote collagen production, and reduce hyperpigmentation?

Welcome to the underground world of DIY skin care and the cosmeceutical ingredients and cosmetic dermatology treatments that can effectively improve your skin. This book provides an introduction to basic skin structure and the ingredients, devices, practices and resources required to begin cosmetic dermatology treatments and your adventure into DIY skin remodeling.

In the comfort of your home and at a fraction of the cost of a med spa: 

    •    refine pores and reduce puffiness

    •    minimize lines

    •    reduce or eliminate hyperpigmentation

    •    smooth the skin surface

    •    promote glowing skin 

Learn about DIY cosmetic dermatology treatments to promote thicker, unblemished, glowing skin using: quality, high concentration active ingredients; enhanced penetration of cosmeceuticals; muscle retraining, strengthening and massage; lymphatic massage; collagen enhancing treatments including LEDs, ultrasound, galvanic microcurrent, dermarolling, facial cupping, laser and more.

DIY skin remodeling can result in dramatic changes to your skin; the treatments are safe and effective when used in an informed way. The information in this book was compiled from Internet skin care forums, Internet stores, medical journals, and publications.

New to DIY skin care?

This book is for you if you want to:

  • save money
  • minimize aesthetic dermatologist visits
  • avoid surgical procedures
  • supplement surgical procedures
  • pursue a more natural skin care approach
  • enjoy the convenience of at-home treatments
  • manage your skin’s aging process
  • use premium active ingredients at a lower cost
  • avoid synthetic chemicals and preservatives or
  • use high quality, DIY skin care products

This book provides introductory information on:

  • skin anatomy and the skin’s healing process
  • ultra violet sun rays
  • how to make DIY skin care products
  • examples of anti-aging ingredients
  • how to enhance product penetration into the skin
  • how to strengthen face and neck muscles and
  • treatments to increase skin collagen and elasticity