Nourishing Oils that are Not Available at the Grocery Store (Not Even Whole Foods) by Deborah Tosline

This article defies a retail/consumer belief system that processed oils available to consumers are beneficial products when in fact they are the least healthy, and often unhealthy, options.

The good news is that there are healing and nourishing oils that we can use to promote optimal health.

In my opinion, most foods available in the local grocery store offer poor nutrition and unhealthy options except for the healthiest whole food options that are located on the perimeter of the store. Although, I question the non-organics as I chose to buy 100% organic groceries for 25 years.

As expensive and extensive the inventory at Whole Foods and other health food stores, even these stores do not contain some excellent and natural products, for example, a variety of unrefined organic oils. They may have unrefined organic coconut and olive oils but what about avocado, castor, argan, walnut, grapeseed, hazelnut, jojoba and so many more. Why?

What happened to nourishing and beneficial raw organic oils? Why are bleaching and solvent extraction used in processing vegetable oils when unrefined organic oils provide optimum sustenance? Unrefined organic oils continue to be difficult to find and primarily must be purchased from internet stores. Why are we being sold highly processed oils and why are raw organic oils elusive?

I was first introduced to raw organic avocado oil for skin care on internet message boards. Use of this oil and other oils radicalized my face and body skin care and my kitchen.

Have you ever applied a product at night and woken up with visibly more vibrant skin? Apply unrefined organic avocado oil and wake up to noticeably rejuvenated skin.

Have you ever brought a salad to a mainstream potluck and have it be a roaring hit? Try using all organic ingredients and unrefined organic avocado oil as a dressing for an easy dish that will amaze folks and keep them feeling yummy hours after consuming :)

Experience the surprising benefits of a variety of types of unrefined, organic oils. Support yourself to function at your highest levels. Consume gourmet food (that’s how I refer to the highest quality products available, whole organic foods). Feed yourself and your family premium nutritional ingredients for ultimate health. Try it and share your experience :)

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Side note: Aren’t premium foods expensive? Yes. I chose to vote with my money by buying the healthiest options that also support sustainable practices for environmental care and social well-being. I buy fewer material goods to offset the cost of buying expensive food. To further reduce expenses, use whole foods and as few processed foods as possible, which is the healthiest way to eat.

Another Side Note: With few exceptions, I only eat organic fats. Synthetic chemicals persist in fatty tissue and accumulate through the food chain. The body and brain utilize fats. I choose to consume the highest quality fats and ingredients that will maintain premium health for work, pleasure, and rest. The cost is offset by health cost savings now and in the future.

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Take good care of yourself :)