Product Review! Environ’s Youth EssentiA C-Quence; A, C and E oil; and derma-lac lotion by Deborah Tosline

Deborah Tosline wrote and published Skin Remodeling DIY: An Introduction to the Underground World of Do-It-Yourself Skincare in 2015. Deborah's education and work experience is in science, where hypotheses are tested through observation and experiments. She has Bachelor of Science degrees in geology and ecology. Her approach to skin care is based on that scientific background, a love of research and over 30 years of DIY skincare experience.

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I recently had the opportunity to test a variety of Environ Skin Care products. @EnvironUSA and I had followed each on Twitter and when they asked if I would try their products I was elated!

I must admit that I had researched Environ in the past and had concluded that Dr. Des Fernandes is a genius and one of the best dermatologists in the world based on Environ company practices and many before and after photos. Good un-retouched photos don't lie and personal experience has further shown that Dr. Des has got it going on. I am a big dermaroller fan too but that is another story.

It’s true, I have a personal bias for Environ and @EnvironUSA was not aware of this. Despite my bias, for all of us, I put my conscientious (earth) scientist objective perspective hat on during my trial use.

Youth EssentiA C-Quence

Environ literature describes the Youth EssentiA range as consisting of a complete skin care program with premium ingredients blended using a scientifically advanced synergetic combination of vitamins, antioxidants and peptides including:

·      Retinyl Palmitate and Retinyl Propionate to normalize and perfect the skin;

·      Vitamins C, E, Green Tea, Lycopene, Lutein, Rosemary Leaf Extract, and BHT to protect and smooth the skin;

·      Matrixyl ®3000, Dermaxyl®, Argireline®, Leuphasyl®, and SYN®AKE to reduce wrinkles, build and repair the skin; and

·      Butylene Glycol, Sorbital, Sodium Lactate, Hydrolozed Jojoba Esters to smooth and plump the skin.

Environ skin care product formulations are:

·      non-fragranced,

·      non-comodogenic,

·      hypoallergenic, and

·      colorant free.

Environ products:

·      are not tested on animals;

·      use the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients tested for effectiveness, safety, and purity by independent laboratories;

·      use packaging designed to prevent light, air and bacteria from degrading the formulations;

·      use clinical tests to verify therapeutic concentrations of vitamins A and C, antioxidants, biopeptides and growth factors to ensure effective results.

During my six week trial I used:

·      Youth EssentiA C-Quence Vita-Peptide Eye Gel

·      Youth EssentiA C-Quence Vita-Peptide C-Quence Serum 1 - face

·      Youth EssentiA C-Quence Antioxidant Defense Crème - face

·      A, C and E oil -  face and body

·      derma-lac lotion - body 

Youth EssentiA Vita-Peptide Eye Gel, C-Quence Serum 1 and C-Quence Antioxidant Defense Crème

I’ve practiced what I call advanced Do-It-Yourself (DIY) skin care for decades including routine use of 1% Retin-A most nights while sometimes alternating with glycolic acid lotion and most mornings using vitamin C and Niacinimide/Glucosamine serums. I have (very) untanned olive skin that is quite tolerant of most strong skin care products.

The Vita-Peptide C-Quence Serum 1 product that I tested is the first of four levels of strength. I was not sure if I would notice improvements using the lowest level although this is an optimum concentration to begin with to prevent skin irritation.

As a part of the test, I stopped using my personal skin care routine for about six weeks while I used the Youth EssentiA range exclusively. I continued using an infrared light for 10-minutes mornings and nights on most days (I love it).

I used one pump of the eye gel and applied it to both eyes morning and night and it lasted about six weeks. It glides on easily, absorbs quickly, moisturizes well and felt good on. I followed this by one or two pumps of Serum 1 morning and night, depending on how dry my skin was, on my face and the front and back of my neck. A little bit of serum remains. The serum application also glides and absorbs quite beautifully. Afterwards, I applied one pump of the Defense Crème in all the same places. After six weeks, some of the Crème remains and I may get another week of use from it. The Crème spreads well when applied after the serum. After the applications, I place a couple of drops of water on my fingers and rub the residual cream on my décolletage and arms to maximize use of these high quality products.

I loved using the Youth EssentiA C-Quence products, which made my skin look bright and fresh (= youthful). These products contain a wide range of active ingredients at effective concentrations yet the formulations did not cause my skin to become irritated or flakey. The range is simple to use and would easily replace and improve on my current personal skin care routine because of its ease of use and the large variety of active ingredients contained in the range. While using these products, my skin looked plumped and vibrant. I received several compliments including one from a potential suitor who stated that he hoped that I did not mind dating an older man, he is 54 and when I told him that I am 58, he initially said that he did not believe me. Was it good genes, the healthy lifestyle, or Environ?

A, C and E oil and derma-lac lotion

I’ve rarely applied body lotion throughout my life. I do not like mainstream lotions with their unnecessary synthetic chemicals and perfumes and I don’t like how my skin feels when I apply them. However, I have enjoyed applying body oils and I use them regularly. Natural body oils are terrifically healthy when used for skin care although there can be drawbacks, for example some body oils require special care during application to protect fabrics and oils are challenging to carry in an overnight bag.

Wouldn’t it be nice if mainstream body lotions contained active ingredients at concentrations that improve skin quality like vitamins A and C which are scientifically proven to promote cell turnover and collagen production? These ingredients are often used in facial skin care and less so in body care products.

Environ’s A, C and E oil is a beautiful oil that delivers premium antioxidants at optimum concentrations in a non-irritating formulation that feels like luxury and works like hard labor to increase cell turnover. Continuous use of this product over time is sure to gently coax exfoliation and promote collagen production for fresh and bright body skin. This is just one step in Environ’s body skin beautification process.

After applying the A, C and E oil, I applied the derma-lac lotion, which has the consistency of a light oil, is easily applied and absorbs quickly. The gentle lactic acid ingredient promotes exfoliation of dead skin cells leading to skin cell turnover and collagen production.  After using the derma-lac lotion, it’s easy to feel a difference in the body skin texture and to visibly see improved skin quality. Note that this is a fragranced product and is advertised as such by Environ on their website. I am sensitive to and avoid using products with fragrances. I did use this product for the trial and can say that it did not aggravate my senses. Considering my aversion towards fragrances I enjoyed this product. However, I adore the benefits of essential oils and prefer them in my skin care products. Environ typically uses essential oils in their products so I am surprised and curious why they chose to use a fragrance in this product.

With my life-long love affair with body oil, Environ’s A, C and E oil and the derma-lac lotion fit my preferences and lifestyle. I really loved using these oils. I can feel and see the difference in the quality of my body skin, which has begun to lose some elasticity and would benefit from a little extra care.


I did my best to type up the Environ product ingredients in the following table. Some ingredients used by Environ are listed by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) as a moderate hazard including Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, a common sunscreen ingredient. Propylparaben is used in the Vita-Peptide Eye Gel and is listed by EWG as a high hazard on their website with a “Fair” amount of supporting science. Fragrance (perfume) is used in the derma-lac lotion. Check ingredients on the EWG website. Environ states on their website that “to protect the integrity and quality of the new serum formulations, the antioxidant, Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), and the UV absorber, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnimate, have been added.” I do have questions about Environ’s ingredient changes. Fortunately, Environ provides a wide selection of products and ingredients.


In my opinion, Environ’s products contain a multitude of beneficial active ingredients at concentrations that positively and effectively impact the skin’s biology with long-term use. Environ is devoted to providing pure, safe and effective skin care products and is simply one of the best skin care lines available. Quality does result in higher costs, especially in skin care. If you are going to invest your hard earned resources on a high quality skin care product, don’t waste your money with unproven yet pricey options that contain small concentrations of active ingredients. Instead, spend wisely. I recommend this line if you want to truly receive value and achieve noticeable results. Reconcile your skin care philosophies with the wide range of Environ products to select a product that suits your needs. Environ produces some of the highest quality products in the world.

Take good care of yourself and for more skin care tips get my book "Skin Remodeling DIY: An Introduction to the Underground World of Do-It-Yourself Skincare" xo Deborah

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