On-Off On-Off, Everything On, Back Off – It’s Complicated. Hormones by Deborah Tosline

 1813 A Classic Negative Feedback Loop.jpg by OpenStax College [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

1813 A Classic Negative Feedback Loop.jpg by OpenStax College [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Critical information: hormone balance is essential for all body functions.

Hormones make us feel good and can make us feel very, very bad.

Conundrum – a healthy lifestyle is not as beneficial without hormone balance and it’s difficult to balance hormones without a healthy lifestyle.

All body communications are via an electrical system (nerves) or are chemical via the endocrine system (hormones). Hormones send global and specific instructions to start and stop body functions.

Hormone function is super complicated.

 Estrogen receptor+lasofoxifene.png by Doxepine [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

Estrogen receptor+lasofoxifene.png by Doxepine [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons


My extremely simplified interpretation:

It is vital to take prompt action to support hormone balance to function well, feel and look good and to achieve premium Health = Beauty.

You must ensure that your hormones are balanced to achieve supple, healthy, clear skin.

Hormones are carried in the blood stream throughout the body and to specific organs with messages like:

·      go, go, go

·      grow fast, grow slow

·      block pain, or not

·      manage fluids, salts and sugars

·      store fat

·      regulate blood pressure

·      stimulate muscles

·      maintain skin health

·      control manly and womanly functions, including sex stuff

Regarding sex hormones, although women and men each have different levels of testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone, it is vital for each hormone to be present in the right ratios or we, men and women, will probably feel bad. Worse, these imbalances may degrade our health resulting in fatigue, inability to maintain and build muscle, promote acne and bone loss, increase the risk for cardiovascular disease and more.

Men, women, young and old may need to take extra measures to balance hormones due to stress and environmental hormone exposure from dairy, beef, poultry, pork, farm raised fish and from plastic products that emit estrogen mimicking chemicals. The body recognizes these pseudo estrogens and responds, increasing estrogen in all of us.

 Hypothalamus pituitary testicles axis.png by Acraciaderivative (], via Wikimedia Commons

Hypothalamus pituitary testicles axis.png by Acraciaderivative (], via Wikimedia Commons

BPA, phthalates and other estrogenic chemicals are commonly found in the personal care products that we use and in drugs and pesticides that have been shown to impact male and female fertility and women’s health by affecting the thyroid, menstrual cycles, menopause, and breast cancer risk. Pseudo estrogens are pervasive in the environment and may also increase mental health disorders.

 Estrogen biosynthetic pathway.jpg By VanillaTrix [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Estrogen biosynthetic pathway.jpg By VanillaTrix [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Synthetic Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) was consistently used in the United States until a 2002 study published by the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) showed that synthetic HRT’s were correlated with cancer. As a result many women began avoiding hormone therapy resulting in hormone imbalances that have lead to osteoporosis, cardiovascular and other diseases.

Bio-identical, natural, or human-identical HRT’s have been in use for thousands of years with the first record going back to Ancient China. Bio-identical hormones are derived from a plant oil that is chemically altered to exactly match human bio-identical steroids. Evidence indicates that bio-identical hormones are distinctly different from and are more effective than synthetic HRT.

A knowledgeable practitioner must administer bio-identical hormones. Mainstream allopathic physicians may sufficiently and successfully prescribe bio-identical hormones, however a visit to a naturopathic doctor may be more beneficial. Special care should be taken to holistically address each individual to assess the reasons for any hormone imbalance. For example, stress results in cortisol production which interferes with body function. If cortisol levels are out of balance, it may be impossible to balance hormones. Find a hormone expert who will take the extra steps to help assess your personal requirements.

 Steroid.jpg By Hyou at English Wikibooks (Transferred from en.wikibooks to Commons.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Steroid.jpg By Hyou at English Wikibooks (Transferred from en.wikibooks to Commons.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Of course, for effective results it is imperative that you take control and choose to live a healthy balanced lifestyle AND incorporate ancient healing wisdom and practices to promote hormone balance. Do-It-Yourself home practices may be used to counteract environmental pseudo-hormones, support daily and monthly hormonal changes, and smooth hormonal transitions.

Dr. Josh Axe and Jordan Ruben provide the following recommendations on the Ancient Medicine Today S3 * E37 podcast 7 Keys to Balance Hormones & Manage Menopause. The recommendations include natural ways for men or women to use to balance hormones. Listen to their podcast here for more information.   

·      Key foods

o   Bone broth – (recipe vegan substitute)

o   Sprouts 

o   Fermented veggies 

o   Cruciferous - veggies great for balancing hormones 

o   Fermented soy - miso, natto, tempeh

o   Cultured dairy 

·      Herbs - balance hormones with fewer side effects

o   Black cohosh – balances hormones better than pharmaceuticals

o   Wild yam

o   Vitex, raise progesterone levels, clinically proven to relieve hot flashes

·      Adaptogens - protection from stress and disease

o   Ginseng

o   Holy basil

o   Ashwaganda 

o   Rodeola 

o   Chigandra berry

o   Aluthoro 

o   Panax 

o   Fenugreek seed increase free testosterone 

o   Truffle oil, smell it to increase free testosterone 

 Calcium regulation.png by Mikael Häggström (All used images are in public domain.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Calcium regulation.png by Mikael Häggström (All used images are in public domain.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

·      Nutrients - essential for the hormone system

o   Vitamin D

o   Vitamin K

o   Boron, great for hormones, building bone, healthy testosterone 

o   Magnesium

·      Supplements - fill nutritional voids

o   Collagen

o   Glucosamine

o   Hyaluronic acid

o   Chondroitin 

o   Omega 3/omega 6 balance

o   Hyaluronic acid - drink it 

o   Probiotic

o   Evening primrose oil

·      Essential oils - balancing, replace toxic products;

o   Clary sage to balance estrogen and progesterone

o   Chamomile

o   Lavender

o   Thyme

o   Oregano

o   Rosemary

o   Ylang ylang

·      Chinese medicine

o   Dong quai female ginseng 

·      Medicinal mushrooms

o   Reishi 

o   Cordyseps

o   Black diamond truffle - Tuber melanosporum Vitt.

§  inhale, nose has receptors

§  consume

§  naturally boost testosterone

§  reduce menopause symptoms 

·      Spices

o   Licorice phyto-estrogenic 

o   Sage

o   Myrrh 

o   Thyme

o   Fennel

 Hormons feedback - Sprzężenie zwrotne hormonow.svg

Hormons feedback - Sprzężenie zwrotne hormonow.svg

Take action.

Use this list to research a couple options that suite your paycheck, lifestyle and interest and supply your health cabinet with hormone balancing natural ancient treatments.

Take action.

Figure out how your body is processing cortisol and hormones. Get tested. Dr. Sara Gottfried. M.D. who developed The Hormone Cure recommends special hormone tests that your medical practitioner can order.

Listen to Dr. Sara’s explanation of these tests and download Dr. Sara’s Top Ten Hormone List from her website

Want more energy, weight management, sound sleep, strong bones and muscles, good circulation, a sharp mind and beautiful skin?

Improve your lifestyle, use ancient medicine for natural balance, work with an experienced practitioner to check your body chemistry and balance your hormones for Health = Beauty.  Let me know how it goes.

Well-being looks good on you.

Take good care of yourself xo Deborah

Maintaining Corners, Edges, In-Betweens and Behinds by Deborah Tosline

 The Red Corner By XoMEoX (Red Corner) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The Red Corner By XoMEoX (Red Corner) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

There are a million ways to be and ways to accomplish goals. Who is to say which is right?

Here is one way to care for facial skin.

I can’t help myself, I am compelled to maintain the main footprint AND the corners, edges, in-betweens and behinds of stuff.

It is challenging for me to clean my house, my car, practically anything because I get absorbed in maintaining the fine details which is time-consuming. However, my old stuff looks new.

While I am a fan of paying homage to corners, edges, in-betweens and behinds, for basic practicality and efficiency, it is important to recognize and honor points of diminishing return for any given effort. Devoting time to detailed tasks is useful but not always possible or necessary. It is wise to spend time on those details that will have beneficial results.

Saying that, forgotten corners, edges, in-betweens and behinds become grimy and are worthy of periodic attention in the long run. Having to deep clean embedded deposits in corners is a time consuming task easily avoided by consistent maintenance.

The corners, edges, in-betweens and behinds of skin care.

Initially, I cared for the main footprint of the face. I washed, nourished and practiced advanced skincare primarily on this area. With time, I extended my focus and all practices and applications to include my neck and décolletage and observed a noticeable difference.

Tom Haggerty practices scalp exercises to maintain the health of his hair. As a result, in my observation, his forehead is enviably tight.

 1106 Side Views of the Muscles of Facial Expressions By CNX Anatomy 2013 [CC BY 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

1106 Side Views of the Muscles of Facial Expressions By CNX Anatomy 2013 [CC BY 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Amongst mature, healthy individuals in an idealized visual society, who hasn’t pulled their cheeks back a bit with their fingers to revisit the past?

Ok, hear me out. Maintaining corners, edges, in-betweens and behinds of your facial skin will improve skin health and function and allow those areas to potentially tighten and support the main footprint of the facial skin by gently pulling on it.

Facial corner, edges, in-between and behind suggestions:

·      Facial exercises are mandatory; plan accordingly.

·      Exercise scalp muscles to lift the forehead, which will lift the eyebrows.

·      Protect the front and back of the neck from the sun using scarves, scarves + hats and physical sunscreen.

 Gray1194 by Henry Vandyke Carter [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Gray1194 by Henry Vandyke Carter [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


·      Protect the sides of the face from sun exposure. Carry a large scarf to wear alone or with a hat to protect the sides of the face while driving/riding in the car, hiking, yard work, etc. Scarves, so handy for a lady or gentleman.

·      It is most important to practice daily skin care in areas that are often neglected. Get a micro-fiber cloth and scrub potentially ignored areas including the back of your neck, hairline, and around the ears, etc., to increase circulation and stimulate the skin.

·      Apply nourishing, high quality skincare products to the front AND back of the neck, décolletage, around the ears and along the hairline as well as the main footprint to rejuvenate, revitalize, and maintain holistic skincare.

·      Advanced skincare practices, whether obtained from a med-spa, dermatologist, or as a DIY’er should try to treat the corners, edges, in-betweens and behinds. These treatments can be powerful for a person with a healthy constitution as the skin will respond positively. However, would a med-spa or dermatologist treat these areas?

 Edited from Getty Villa - Collection (5305205576) By Dave & Margie Hill (, via Wikimedia Commons

Edited from Getty Villa - Collection (5305205576) By Dave & Margie Hill (, via Wikimedia Commons

Reminder… when the corners, edges, in-betweens, and behinds are maintained in optimum health they tighten and support the main footprint by pulling slightly from behind.

Health = Beauty

Conversly, perhaps if only the main footprint is treated, as it tightens it may actually pull the behind towards the front! No! Treat it all for balance.

Maximize efforts on the corners, edges, in-betweens and behinds to maintain or to reverse the results of past poor self care practices and monitor improvements. It may take a long time to reverse a degraded skin condition. Choose slow progress over continued degradation.

It’s primarily a matter of slowly replacing poor self-care with nurturing self-care and don’t forget the corners, edges, in-betweens and behinds!

Take good care of yourself. xo Deborah

The Rambo Barbie Rugged Routine for Skincare by Deborah Tosline

 Photo taken December 2013 at 54, see below for a more recent selfie

Photo taken December 2013 at 54, see below for a more recent selfie

Click on the blue-green text for links to more information or to products that I currently use. I  am not affiliated with any of the products.

As we hiked off the mountain at dusk, running to cross the bridge before nightfall, my friend called to me “Rambo Barbie”, yes it was funny and kinda true.

Rugged femininity is my approach to lifestyle and skin care.

There are a variety of ways to achieve skin care goals and assertive flexibility is a key to success. Your skin care routine typically depends on available resoures including: funds, time, products and information. With so many ways to accomplish a goal, you may pick and choose what works best for you based on where you live, your routine, and lifestyle.

My ‘Rambo Barbie Rugged Routine’ for Skincare was founded on having little expendable income; a need to protect my skin from southern Arizona’s harsh clime; and a desire to take good care of my largest organ to promote health and smooth clear skin.

The basic tenets of my skin care routine vary slightly however my use of additional skincare practices varies over time. Change takes effort but it’s beneficial to cross-train and stimulate the skin in a variety of ways for maximum benefit and self-maintenance.

Here is something different

I am carefully aggressive in my skincare practice. For decades, estheticians, product advertising, and everyone else told us to treat the eye and neck skin different from facial skin. I followed that advice for a couple of decades. After I began using advanced Do-It-Yourself (DIY) skin care methods, I saw significant improvements in my facial skin while my “delicate” eye and neck skin continued to decline.

Rambo Barbie executive decision: “my eye and neck area shall be treated the same as my facial skin”

 Photo taken October 2016 at 57

Photo taken October 2016 at 57

After about a year of treating my eye and neck skin the same way that I treat my facial skin, I began to see significant improvements that continue today.

Time for Self-Care

I’ve made time for self-care and shared this time with my daughter to teach her its value for well-being and health. My daughter is grown and at this stage I have a little more time to practice self-care. Although, I am busy with a full-time career, spare time personal projects, marketing my “Skin Remodeling DIY” book, and pursuing a healthy lifestyle, you know how it is, but I do make time to integrate small DIY skin care practices into my day.

Daily Morning Routine:

 Silk Microfiber Cloths

Silk Microfiber Cloths

  1. Silk microfiber cloth is a gentle exfoliator/skin polisher
  2. emulsifies skin oils which rinse off with water
  3. does not abrade, no matter how hard I scrub = I love
  • Apply DIY glucosamine/niacinamide serum, let dry or wait five minutes You can buy ingredients here
  • Apply DIY 20% vitamin C serum, let dry or wait five minutes You can find several Vitamin C DIY recipes here
  • Apply DIY collagen building and skin firming lotion – I am currently using peptides. Buy a peptide and add it to a lotion that you are currently using. You can also buy ingredients here
  • Apply sunscreen
 Sun Cream by Winter Sun in Flagstaff, AZ

Sun Cream by Winter Sun in Flagstaff, AZ

  1. apply craft formulated physical sunblock with zinc and titanium oxides
  2. every day, rain or shine, inside or out
  3. apply to face, neck, chest, and hands
  • Apply mineral makeup focus on natural ingredients
  • Avoid applying products with synthetic chemicals
  • Use sun protective clothing, umbrellas, hats, driving gloves, scarves
 Carry a scarf at all times, so handy.

Carry a scarf at all times, so handy.

Daily Evening Routine

 Near Infrared Light Emitting Diode (LED) Spa

Near Infrared Light Emitting Diode (LED) Spa

  1. built using internet instructions
  2. began using 1/8/18
  3. 10 to 40 minutes daily, so far, its just so good
  4. it’s fantastic
  • Still love to turn on near-infrared LED lamp while brushing teeth
  • Scrub face and neck skin with silk microfiber cloth and rinse:
  1. Removes makeup, oil, dirt, grime delicately
  2. I super scrub face from ear to ear, hairline to chest, eye and neck skin
  3. The gentlest physical exfoliator that I’ve ever used
  • Apply 0.1 percent Retin-A two to three nights a week
  • Apply Alpha Hydroxy glycolic acid lotion when I remember but ideally once or twice a week
  • Apply craft formulated cream once or twice a week
  • Apply compounded hormones
  • Apply Frownies to release forehead muscles and retrain them to relax


Weekly Skin Treatments - I try to fit in a little bit of this and that

  • Apply raw local honey or “fresh from the leaf” aloe vera gel covered with a piece of Nori seaweed for a 20 minute (longer if you have the time) nourishing skin treatment
  • Release facial muscle tension/trigger point release, e.g. roll forehead on a firm 2-inch yoga ball
  • Reorganize and smooth facial fascia:
 FaceBlaster Fascia Tool

FaceBlaster Fascia Tool

  1. Sanford Bennett’s wrinkle rubout
  2. Face Blaster fascia buster
  • Practice facial resistance and other exercises:
 Flex Effect resistance facial exercise program 

Flex Effect resistance facial exercise program 

  1. FlexEffect
  2. Facercise
  1. Short needle to increase penetration of high quality products
  2. Short needle then apply green tea before using near infrared LED spa

 Additional Skin Treatments that I Strive to Use

  1. When I do facial lymphatic massage
  2. When I remember (I no longer have blackheads)
  3. After dry brushing
 Lymphatic Facial Massage

Lymphatic Facial Massage

  1. When I remember, it eliminated under eye puffiness, now I forget to use it
  2. When I have a cold or sinus condition
  3. Following advance skin care treatments to reduce inflammation
  1. Use long needle four to six times per year
  2. Promotes collagen and elastin
  • Ultrasound (sonophoresis or phonophoresis), during facials or after dermarolling
  • Dermawand radiofrequency device, blemish treatments as needed
 Photo taken March 2017 at 58

Photo taken March 2017 at 58

At almost 59, I can say that I have the best skin of my adult life. Healthy skin is beautiful skin. It is possible to make changes to your lifestyle or skin care routine at any time, if you are consistent, you will see improvements. I veered away from mainstream skin care decades ago and my pocketbook and skin condition are better for it. I hope that sharing my skin care routine inspires you to rethink your skin care and integrate new protocols into your personal routine. Choose practices and treatments that you can easily integrate into your lifestyle. Use this time for relaxation, rejuvenation and health = beauty.

Take good care of yourself! xo Deborah

Facial Muscles: Tight and Ropy or Relaxed and Soft by Deborah Tosline

 1106 Front and Side Views of the Muscles of Facial Expressions By OpenStax [CC BY 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

1106 Front and Side Views of the Muscles of Facial Expressions By OpenStax [CC BY 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Note: Click on the blue/green text for links to articles.

Facial muscle tension is wrinkling your skin (and may be increasing anxiety). Heal thyself with compression.

Wrinkles and folds in facial muscles cause the overlying skin to wrinkle and fold as well. Smoothing tense muscles into a relaxed state provides a beautiful foundation for the overlying skin. Compression may be used to eliminate muscle tension to relax and smooth muscles allowing the overlying skin to appear smooth as well.

I regularly practice myofascial soft tissue release and trigger point therapy to relieve muscle tension or pain in body muscles. For me, it is a terrific, pain eliminating do-it-yourself soft tissue therapy.

Trigger point therapy is extremely beneficial and may be used as an effective practice to release muscle tension to promote muscle stretching and to reduce or eliminate pain. The premise is that when a muscle develops an injury: it stops contracting and lengthening properly, circulation decreases, and congested areas form where waste accumulates. These areas may feel like a small or large painful lump in the muscle, or the entire muscle may be tight and ropy. The congested area or trigger point causes the muscle to shorten and typically refers pain to other parts of the body and also pulls on and causes pain in nearby joints.

 Trigger Point Complex By Davidparmenter (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Trigger Point Complex By Davidparmenter (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Trigger point therapy uses compression on congested areas in the muscle. During compression, wastes are squeezed out allowing fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients to flow into the area. This provides nourishment and supports normal muscle function. With consistent treatment, congested areas and the associated pain may be greatly reduced or eliminated. For me, trigger point therapy is effective. When a new pain arises, I treat it with trigger point therapy and it disappears. Magic do-it-yourself medicine.

 Trigger-Point-myofascial By Muthu.G (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Trigger-Point-myofascial By Muthu.G (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Do you hold tension in your forehead? I try not to, but I do. Further, I furrow my brows while reading, writing and when thinking J I noticed and felt the tightness in my forehead and eyebrow muscles and decided to try trigger point therapy. I used a 3-inch compression ball to compress my forehead trigger points. The treatment was a little painful but also a relief when the tight forehead muscles relaxed. After the treatment, my forehead muscle was smooth and the overlying skin was smooth as well.

I was curious about this technique and searched for articles on facial muscle compression. I found two interesting references. The Yamuna Ball is used to apply pressure to the face to stimulate bone health and enhance facial muscle stretching. An article by Dr. Jared Edward Reser titled “Compression for the Face: Composure, Aesthetics and Mental Health” discusses methods, Dr. Reser’s personal experience including before and after photos, and instructions on how to use compression to eliminate muscle tension, smooth facial muscles and even change one’s attitude for the better.

 Dr. Reser in 2010 before facial muscle compression

Dr. Reser in 2010 before facial muscle compression

 Dr. Reser in 2016 after practicing facial muscle compression.

Dr. Reser in 2016 after practicing facial muscle compression.

Dr. Reser has determined that “wrinkles in the skin don’t come from using the muscles. Rather, wrinkles form over dormant muscles that have been strained repetitively.”


Over time, habitual facial expressions result in depleted and fatigued facial muscles. Dr Reser states that “tense muscles around the orbits of the eyes contribute heavily to looking and feeling tired”; in addition he believes that habitual facial expressions and the associated muscle tension may actually cause a “psychological anchor” for a poor mood.

The bottom line is that tense facial muscles do not function properly, develop trigger points and scar tissue, and have reduced circulation resulting in muscle atrophy. Dr. Reser states that “compression and deep tissue massage are the only real ways to release facial muscle tension.”

Essentially compression of facial muscles would be completed across the entire face. Dr Reser recommends starting with target zones that identify facial muscles that are typically tight and result in muscle restrictions. 

 Dr Reser image showing eye muscles

Dr Reser image showing eye muscles

 Dr. Reser image showing eye compression

Dr. Reser image showing eye compression

Botox may be used to release tension and relax facial muscles. However, Botox paralyzes the muscle, reduces circulation and the availability of nutrients, which inhibits muscle growth. With time the botox treated muscle has decreased tone and reduced biochemical activity and atrophies or shrinks. In comparison, muscle compression costs nothing and results in relaxed, well-nourished and plump muscles with better muscle function and range of use. Compression treatment is not instantaneous but with consistent daily practice over time, all facial muscle tension may be released.

Dr. Reser believes that relieving facial muscle tension may be the primary determination of attractiveness,  “…the extent of facial tension can probably be seen as a marker of status hierarchy that we wear on our faces. If your face, head, neck, and throat were completely free of muscular tension, you would likely be among the most beautiful people in the world.”

Dr. Reser recommends:

1.     Deep tissue compression to reduce facial muscle rigidity.

2.     Breathe diaphragmatically while firmly compressing tender muscles to help reverse muscle rigidity.

3.     Compress tight facial muscles for a few minutes a day until facial muscles are no longer sore, stiff or ropy.

4.     Trigger point therapy will reduce facial tension and promote stronger, more prominent facial muscles with increased range of motion.

Try to reduce muscle tension. Notice facial tension and practice wearing a serene relaxed facial expression and a slight smile as you move through your day. It will look nice and science shows that smiling makes you feel great, but that’s another article.

I have begun a daily facial muscle compression routine and look forward to reducing facial muscle tension and other potential changes.

Take good care of yourself.


Yes, Do-It-Yourself Advanced Skin Treatment Devices Work. The Science of Increasing Collagen by Deborah Tosline

Logo 120915 520x520.jpg

Initiating a biochemical healing cascade (BHC) in the skin results in rejuvenation and better skin health. The BHC strives to maintain balance in the little biome universe of us. The primary action is an old story with a relevant premise; when it comes to skin and health “Use it or lose it” is truth.

The body is efficient. When a body part is not needed, based on exertion, the body only minimally maintains that part.  For example, if muscles are not exercised, they atrophy (shrink); if lungs are not exerted, they have reduced capacity; if the brain is not challenged, it declines; and if skin is not stimulated, collagen production slows.

The epidermis, the outermost layer of skin, is comprised mostly of a fibrous keratin protein that protects the body, the internal organs, and is the first line of defense against infection. All cells in the epidermis originate from its base. As new cells form, they push previously produced cells upward. As cells move toward the skin surface, they become flattened and die. Dead skin cells are shed, a process that slows with lack of stimulation. It typically takes new epidermis skin cells three to five weeks to move to the surface. The health of the epidermis is dependent on nutrients received from the layer below, the dermis.


The primary function of the dermis is to nourish and support the epidermis. If the dermis is not stimulated, it’s blood vessels and general condition decline. The dermis is made up of three types of tissue; collagen which is the glue that connects body tissue, elastic tissue which gives skin its flexibility, and recticular fibers which support connective tissue.

Advanced skin care techniques increase collagen and elastin by creating micro-injuries in the dermis. A micro-injury initiates a BHC to repair the wound.


Healing micro injuries involves three phases. The inflammation phase begins immediately as growth factors accumulate at the wound site. The proliferative phase involves a rapid increase in tissue formation that begins five days after inflammation and lasts about eight weeks. The tissue remodeling phase consists of biochemical processes that last from eight weeks to one year. Type III collagen is produced for about five to seven days and is subsequently converted to the stronger Type I collagen over a period of several months.

There are a variety of ways to stimulate the dermis and reap the benefits of the skin’s reparative nature. The following discussion describes a few of the many devices available that may be used at home.

Do not use advanced skin care treatments if there is a medical skin condition, the skin is irritated and/or inflamed, or there are open blisters, acne or sores. Address these issues first and ensure that your skin is in good health before using advanced skin care treatments described in this article.

Radiofrequency is used to tighten and lift sagging skin. It delivers electrical pulses and heat energy into the middle and lower levels of the skin and physically changes the skin’s molecular structure. Following radiofrequency treatments, the wound healing process results in the growth of new collagen and skin tissue that slowly tightens over time.


Percutaneous collagen induction (PCI), dermarolling, and micro-needling all refer to a technique recently developed by Dr. Desmond Fernandez consisting of a device that presses small needles into the skin. PCI does not cause and reduces existing hyperpigmentation and is safe to use on dark skin. PCI needle lengths from 0.5 to 1.5 mm penetrate the epidermis and dermis. The resulting channels close up a few hours after needling. With time, PCI skin rejuvenation noticeably improves the appearance of the skin as increased collagen and elastin production promote thicker skin.


Do-It-Yourself home laser devices for skin rejuvenation are an emerging market. Lasers produce a beam of concentrated light with high energies. These energies promote the production of cell biology energy and growth factors that result in the generation of new tissue. If you easily develop hyperpigmentation, precautions should be taken before using a laser device. Pretreat the skin for four weeks by applying actives that suppress melanin production.  

After an advanced skin care treatment, skin may be red and swollen and may result in pinpoint bleeding depending on the intensity of the treatment. This typically clears within 24 to 72 hours, or longer depending on the skin’s health. Results of advanced skin rejuvenation treatments are not immediate. It takes several months to a year to observe the full effects of the treatments on collagen and elastin production and skin tightening.

Advanced home skin care treatments may be used to increase collagen and elastin, thicken skin, and improve elasticity, however the results are dependent on general health and skin condition. The body’s healing system is dependent on a strong immune system. To optimize skin care treatment results consume whole, nutrient dense, unprocessed foods and drinks; reduce sugar intake; exercise daily; quiet the mind; reduce stress and sleep well.

My Experience

TriPollar Stop  - I used this device for the first time 9/23/17 and am impressed with its function! I liked the tangible feeling of the device heating up the skin. Treatment of the face and neck took about 20 minutes and was easy. I look forward to observing the results in about 6 months J

PCI – I have been a fan of PCI from about 2008. It was a secret of the internet at the time and the only way to use this technique was at home. Today, dermatologist offices and med-spa’s offer PCI treatments. I love short needle PCI for product penetration – only if using the purist products and the long needle PCI to stimulate the dermis, promote collagen production and reduce hyperpigmentation.

DIY Laser – I tried this for about 6 weeks, but it resulted in hyperpigmentation and I discontinued use of the device. I did not pretreat with a melatonin suppressing serum like Niacinimide/Glucosamine, which had I done so, may have reduced or eliminated the resulting hyperpigmentation. I subsequently eliminated the hyperpigmentation using a short needle PCI and Environ Vitamin A & C serum.


There are a variety of advanced skin care methods available. Consistent, repetitive use with a reputable device will typically improve the skin’s condition. Select a device that fits your income, lifestyle, and preferences so that you will feel comfortable and truly integrate the device into your skin care routine. Results take time so take photos, be patient, live a healthy lifestyle and take good care of yourself.


Stimulate the Skin or Else - Use It or Lose It by Deborah Tosline


For real, stimulate skin through exfoliation and massage or slowly lose the structure, elasticity, circulation, new cell production, and vibrancy of your skin.

The body is smart.  If there is no stimulation, representing a need, the body will slow new skin cell production and skin regeneration. To maintain circulation and rejuvenation at optimum levels, one must stimulate the skin.


Benefits of skin scrubbing include:

·      Break down unwanted toxins and increase skin circulation reducing the appearance of cellulite by reducing toxic accumulations.

·      Exfoliate dead skin cells to encourage new cell production resulting in smoother and brighter skin. PS. It can also help reduce ingrown hairs and acne.

·      Improve vascular blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Release toxins and discharge metabolic body wastes.

·      Rejuvenate the nervous system by stimulating skin nerve endings.

·      Smooth muscle tone and fat deposits.

·      Promote skin absorption of nutrients by eliminating clogged pores. 

Note - If there is a medical skin condition, the skin is irritated and/or inflamed, or there are open blisters or sores, do not scrub or dry brush the skin.  Address these issues first and ensure that the skin is in good health before using the skin care practices described in this article. If the skin is fragile use a slow approach.


I’ve said it before; you don’t need to buy skin cleanser ever again. Skin care product manufacturers teach us through advertising what we “need” to buy. The truth is that many products have few benefits. Try replacing your current skin-cleansing product with the alternative skin cleansing method of using a microfiber cloth. I currently use a silk microfiber cloth every evening to scrub the heck out of my facial skin to remove make up, cleanse, and exfoliate. Consistent use of the microfiber cloth has made my facial skin stronger than ever. Exfoliating and agitating the skin is a must to encourage the body to produce new skin cells and promote regeneration.


Let’s take this skin softening and rejuvenating practice to the body using dry brushing. When a brush is used wet, the brush is soft and not so stimulating to the skin. A dry brush used on dry skin is stimulating to the lymph system and to the skin structure removing metabolic waste and tightening the skin. Dry brushing begins at the body’s extremities with brush strokes that move towards the heart. After dry brushing, an oil of your choice is massaged into the skin before rinsing with warm water.

Dry brushing will cause a minor irritation and flush the skin; this sends a message to your body that it needs to generate new skin cells. Exfoliation will remove dead skin cells and unclog skin pores so that the skin may function optimally.  This will produce softer skin and increase penetration of high-quality nourishing oils applied to the skin. Stimulating and nourishing the skins natural biochemical processes promotes healthy and beautiful skin.

There are many ways to dry brush/dry scrub, here is one-way.

Scrubbing the back, even with a long handled brush can be challenging. The Salux is a Japanese scrubbing cloth. In Japan, “bathing is an art, a science, and a daily part of the lifestyle culture.” A Salux is a long narrow nylon cloth that makes it easy to scrub the entire backside and every little inch of the body. The cost ranges from $3 to $10.


As terrific as the Salux is, I’m a natural girl and I like natural fibers.

I found a natural fiber scrubbing cloth made from the Sisal fiber of the Agave plant.  The Sisal scrubber has handles on either end of a long woven agave fiber cloth with a hand mitt to scrub smaller areas for $9.50 from eBay (I think that this is a great price for a great product. I have no affiliation to this seller :) just sharing information.) This fantastic skin scrubber makes it easy to exfoliate and stimulate the skin all over the body.


Do not delay. Cleanse your face with a microfiber cloth every night. Dry brush or dry scrub your entire body front and backside, including the face, at least once a week.  Apply a high quality raw organic oil to the entire body like grape seed or avocado or coconut oil. Practice this routine for a month and let me know how it works for you. Get ready for softer smoother prettier skin that will keep you healthier too.

Take good care of yourself.